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Flash Back:
A Baby Boomer's Guide to
Talking About Something
Other than Declining Health and
How the World is Going to Hell

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Baby boomers belong to one of the most well-educated, boundary-breaking, thrill-seeking generations in history. They have danced to Elvis and the Beatles, laughed with George Carlin and Richard Pryor, cheered for Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali. They have been inspired by John Kennedy, Betty Friedan, and Martin Luther King Jr. They have lived through fascinating times and stayed around long enough to see dramatic social, cultural, and political change. In short, they have a lot to talk about, and this book is designed to get them talking.

Flash Back provides baby boomers with over 300 conversation prompts that are designed to generate countless evenings of rich, engaging, and enjoyable dialogue. The book will have boomers talking about everything from Moog synthesizers and IBM Selectrics to Nat King Cole and Mick Jagger, from Zig Zags and waterbeds to Gloria Steinem and Barry Goldwater. Anyone who has actually heard the words “groovy,” “far out,” and “pet rock” spoken in daily conversation should enjoy using Flash Back to help create stimulating discussions about the 50s, 60s, and 70s—discussions that are full of nostalgia and tempered by the perspective that comes only with age.

“Ho-Ho-Ho, He-He-He, Ha-Ha-Ha”
Flash Back’s official safeword for ending
conversations about declining health
and how the world is going to Hell

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